Add a reaction to a corresponding reference data object, e.g. "Note" or "ThreadedReply".


Beta Feature

This is a beta feature! These API endpoints are subject to change.


refType Arguments

For the refType arguments, the only valid values are: Note and ThreadedReply.

The api key owner will always be the creator of a Reaction. Therefore, only the api key owner can delete their own reaction.

Requesting Notes with the includeReactions=true parameter will include the reactions within the note payload:

    "_metadata": { ... },
    "notes": [
            "id": 2138636,
          "reactions": [
              		"id": 1363,
                  "created": "2024-03-21T21:14:13Z",
                  "createdBy": "Tom Minch",
                  "createdById": 1,
                  "refType": "Note",
                  "refId": 2144705,
                  "body": "🀯"