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Document Requests

I was wondering if there was any way to upload or download a document associated with a client record?

Inbox Access?

Wouldn't providing INBOX Access solve the following problems: 1. Not able to communicate with agents in the office that are members under the same FUB account? 2. Social Media messages such as Facebook? 3. Website communication via chatbox? 4. External SMS applications? 5. Ability to integrate a Business IVR line with a Caller ID lookup? #Follow Up Box Inbox #FUB Inbox #Social Media #Drip SMS #Bulk SMS #Email Other Agents #Chat Integration #Caller ID #Save Clients As Contacts #Facebook Messanger

How to input a VALUE into a Deal?

I reviewed the following: https://docs.followupboss.com/reference/deal-custom-fields-id-put And did not notice a way to put a value into a deal?

Clarify orderWeight in a deal

Can you please clarify orderWeight as it relates to deals? Is type not an option, for example by date, or price point?

How to know which field was updated when a contact was updated

I'm using the peopleUpdated webhook to get notified when contact is updated. However, the field or fields which were updated are not listed in the notification payload below: [ { "eventId": "43fe2b8a-093c-42b0-8fc6-5205cf8a3e78", "eventCreated": "2022-08-15T14:30:00+00:00", "event": "peopleUpdated", "resourceIds": [ 27713 ], "uri": "https://api.followupboss.com/v1/people?id=27713" } ] How do I find out which field update triggered this webhook?

Lead Flow implementation with the API

Hi I am using the /v1/events and Passing the POST data in the api, i want the API to trigger the Lead Flow Rules i have created. Anyone knows how this can be implemented with the API. When sending a POST request there's no option for LeadFlowId but in the response it is returning the leadsFlowId as null. Any help regarding this will be highly appreciated.

Sync Contacts - Google - IPhone

I’m new here but my last crm just automatic updated my contacts and vice versa. This doesn’t seem to be a function? I’m annoyed if I have to pay for an api service for a simple core function. Can anyone help/give suggestions?

Custom fields

Is there a way with a custom field to add 1 to a count. For example when someone orders a photography package on our real estate photography website, we'd like to track their ordering history by tabulating how many bundles versions individual products they've ordered. Thanks!

How to poll a list of all leads on a given day.

Hello, New to the FollowUpBoss API. I ran a request to get people using the following parameters. createdAfter=2021-09-20T00:00:00Z&createdBefore=2021-09-25T00:00:00Z&limit=10&includeUnclaimed=true However, the number of leads I'm getting returned does not match the number of leads shown in the FollowUpBoss application for each day. What is the reason for this? I read somewhere in the docs that the API key may not have access to certain leads. Could this be the reason. And if so, is there a good way to just a total count for reporting via the API.

Hit Property Address, Property City, and Property State with API

Is it possible to hit a lead's Property Address, Property City, and Property State with the API? I noticed that these fields exist when exporting a lead but it seems when I use the allFields parameter, I don't see them present. Our use case: we are partnering with Raven, a digital "wants and needs" pairing app to help us better able to double-end transactions amongst our team. If I resolve these missing fields by creating Custom Fields, how would I ensure these custom fields are populated? I only need Property City and Property State, -Property Address would be a bonus but not necessary in permitting Raven's matching function.