Common Issues


While building an integration with Follow Up Boss APIs, issues occasionally arise that are not related to one specific endpoint but require an overall understanding of how internal processes function within Follow Up Boss. This page aims to help alleviate some of these issues upfront to assist in building your integration as quickly as possible.

Access to Newly Created People

After a new person is created in Follow Up Boss via either the events or people endpoints (use events for this primarily), there is a small window in which that person is not immediately accessible via other endpoints until the person has been assigned to an agent. This means that if you create a person, and then try and immediately perform an action (such as creating a new note or call), that request might fail.

To prevent this, you will need to create a delay between the creation of the person and the subsequent action. The delay required will depend a lot on the type of agent assignment the account uses (i.e., Round Robin, First to Claim, etc.) and any other lead flow routing rules in place. It's best to start small and slowly increase the delay until you find the correct timing if you do not have direct access to your users' account settings to get the exact configuration details.