Requests and Responses

Follow Up Boss API uses JSON encoding. When sending POST and PUT requests, request body should contain JSON-encoded data to create or update a resource. We also recommend including a header indicating content type of the request body: Content-Type: application/json.

For example, to update first name on a person with ID = 123 you can use the following request:

PUT /v1/people/123 HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: application/json
{"firstName": "Mary"}

Likewise, response body is also encoded using JSON format.

   "id": 123,
   "created": "2012-04-23T02:23:11Z",
   "updated": "2012-04-23T02:23:11Z",
   "lastActivity": "2012-04-23T02:23:11Z",
   "name": "Mary Mcmillan",
   "firstName": "Mary",
   "lastName": "Mcmillan",
   "stage": "Lead",
   "source": "Zillow",

Date Format

Please note the date format in the example above: 2012-04-23T02:23:11Z. It's ISO 8601 standard, we use that format for all date and time values.

Time is always expressed in UTC time zone.

Response Codes

On success for new resources, you will get a "201 Created" or "200 OK" response if an existing resource was updated.

Response Bodies

In general, response bodies for creating or updating resources will be in the same format as returned by a GET request for that resource.