Update a contact

Custom Fields

If the account has custom fields defined you can also set these when updating a person. You can use the customFields endpoint to see which custom fields are available in the current account.

To delete a custom field value on a person, set its value to null:

  "customBirthday": null


Tag updates will overwrite all existing tags

Please note that when using the tags property, all existing tags for a person will be overwritten to use the new list of tags provided.

To merge new tags with the contact's existing tag list, use the ?mergeTags=true query parameter in the request URL.


Altering email addresses and phone numbers of relationships

Email addresses and phone numbers associated to relationships can be edited and deleted through /v1/people , however you cannot switch alter the relationshipId of a given email address or phone number through /v1/people , this must be done through /v1/peopleRelationships

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