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Available Response Fields

When making a GET request to /v1/people, not all available fields are included in the response by default. Use the fields argument to request exactly the fields you need.

You can use "allFields" in fields during development while you are unsure of what you need, but as this may return very large responses it is recommended to update this to specify exactly the fields you need for your production deployments to minimize the payload.


Including Relationships

You do not need to perform separate calls to /v1/peopleRelationships to gather those associations. Include "relationships" in the fields query parameter to include relationship information.


Determining Lead Type

If you are trying to determine the lead type, such as "Buyer" or "Seller", this can be done by looking at the returned tags. If the lead is a "Seller" type, there will be a "Seller" tag initially set when the lead is created, otherwise the lead is a "Buyer".


Trash Stage

By default, this endpoint does not return People in the Trash stage. Set the includeTrash flag to true to include people that are in this stage.

Other People Response Fields

createdViaThis value indicates how this person was created. Possible values include "API", "Email Parsing", "Historic Email Parsing", "Import", and "Manually".
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