Add a deal.


Deals Custom Fields

Any custom fields that have been created can also have their values set via this method. For instance, if you had a custom field called customField1, you could pass that in as an argument with an associated value in the body parameters for the POST request.

You can see how this would appear with multiple custom fields in the sample response object.


Order Weights

You can create a custom sort order by setting the orderWeight field. For example, if you have one option with an orderWeight of 10000 and another of 11000, you can create a new stage with an orderWeight of 10500 that would be placed between them.

However, once the stage has been created, the orderWeight for all stages will be recalculated to enforce the new ordering with gaps of 1000. In the previous example, that means the value that was at 11000 will be moved to 12000 and the new one created at 10500 becomes 11000.

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