List all custom fields.

Custom fields can be used when adding an event, adding a person, or updating a person. The account owner can add/edit/delete custom fields in Follow Up Boss (see using custom fields for more info).

For each custom field the values returned are:

  • label: The label used for this custom field in the Follow Up Boss web and mobile applications.
  • name: The name of this custom field in API responses. This is also name you should use if you wish to update a custom field on a person or send in a custom field with a new lead.
  • type: Currently we support four types of custom fields (text, date, number, dropdown).
  • isRecurring: This boolean is only used for date fields and indicates whether the field is used for recurring dates (e.g., birthdays, anniversaries) or a specific date (e.g., a closing date).
  • choices: If the field is a dropdown, then this list of choices are the only valid values for the custom field.


How to send and reference Custom Fields

When sending custom field data via a POST to /v1/events or a PUT to /v1/people make sure to use the name field returned here. Similarly, this applies to retrieving custom fields from the respective GET requests.

For example, to send a value for a field named "Close Price", use the field name customClosePrice in the request body.

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