Send in a lead or an event related to a lead.

You can notify Follow Up Boss when certain events occur on your website or system. For example: A user fills out a registration form on an IDX website, sends an inquiry about a property or submits a Contact Us form.


Sending Leads and Activity

This endpoint is the only correct option to send leads and their activity to Follow Up Boss from an IDX website, real estate portal, your custom website, or any other lead source.


Action Plan and Automation Triggers

New leads created by POST /v1/events will only trigger action plans if they are of the following types: Registration, Seller Inquiry, Property Inquiry, General Inquiry or Visited Open House.

Automations will only be triggered on Registration, Property Inquiry, Seller Inquiry, and General Inquiry types.

("Inquiry" is a shorthand type for convenience, it will be automatically converted into "Property Inquiry" if property section is included in the request or "General Inquiry" otherwise.)


Missing Response Body

If you receive a 204 response with no response body, this indicates that the lead flow associated with this source has been archived and ignored.


Person ID

Providing an ID in the Person object will ensure that an existing contact is used to link to the event based on a direct match instead of name and email. Utilizing this can help prevent duplicate and/or new contacts being created.

If a Person is provided and not found, this will return a 404.


Reassigning People

A person cannot be re-assigned at the same time they are updated via a call to /v1/events. Once the person is updated, a call to /v1/people:id can be made to re-assign.


Response Data

The response for v1/events is nearly identical to the response received from the v1/people request for the same contact. This is because leads are created from this endpoint in order for contact deduplication to occur and the appropriate action plans/automations to fire. This may cause some confusion when sending a new event for a pre-existing lead, as the response data is representative of the lead, not the event itself.


Custom Fields

If the account has custom fields defined you can also set these when sending in an event. You can use the customFields endpoint to see which custom fields are available in the current account.


Status Codes

It is important to pay attention to the status codes returned from this call. If a 200 status code is returned, the event was created successfully and a person was updated if that information was provided. If 201 is returned, that means that a new person was created along with the event as well.



In order to send a campaign and have it appear in the marketing reports, the campaign object is required. The source field within the campaign object is a required field if this object is being sent in.

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