Send in Leads

The best way to send leads into Follow Up Boss from an IDX website, real estate portal, your custom website or any other lead source is to use event notifications endpoint (Example, POST /v1/events).

Advantages of using this method include:

  • Avoid creating duplicates, Follow Up Boss will automatically search for existing contact and update it.
  • Event information (inquiry, viewed property, saved property as a favorite, etc) is recorded and shown in contact history and dashboard.
  • Agent is notified about new lead via email / text message.
  • Action plan is applied to the lead (if configured and when particular event types are used).
  • Correct agent is assigned as per Lead Flow screen.
  • Automatic search for social profiles.


Avoid sending leads through POST /v1/people.

Please do not use POST /v1/people to send leads into FUB, it will only create a person but will not run any automations listed above. Instead, use POST /v1/events.