Create email marketing campaign

Use this endpoint to update Follow Up Boss about a new marketing email created in your system. This could be a one-off email blast or automated drip email. Set origin field with the name of your system and originId with your internal ID assigned to the new email.

You will get the id field in the response - this is Follow Up Boss ID of the email campaign, save it in your system, you will need it later to post email marketing events - email sends, opens, clicks, bounces and unsubscribes.

You can use merge fields in the subject and bodyHtml:

%contact_name% - full name of the recipient
%contact_first_name% - first name of the recipient
%contact_last_name% - last name of the recipient
%contact_email% - email address of the recipient
%contact_phone% - phone number of the recipient
%contact_address% - full address of the recipient
%contact_street% - street address of the recipient
%contact_city% - city of the recipient
%contact_state% - state of the recipient
%contact_zipcode% - zip code of the recipient
%contact_country% - country of the recipient
%agent_name% - full name of the sender (user in FUB)
%agent_first_name% - first name of the sender (user in FUB)
%agent_last_name% - last name of the sender (user in FUB)
%agent_email% - email address of the sender (user in FUB)
%agent_phone% - phone number of the sender (user in FUB)
%inquiry_address% - address of the last property the recipient inquired about
%source_name% - lead source name of the recipient

Those merge fields will be replaced with their actual values when email is displayed in Follow Up Boss. If your system uses different convention for naming merge fields, replace them to match the fields listed above.

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