Delivery Status

Outgoing messages, whether originating from your application (e.g. an AI chatbot reply) or from Follow Up Boss, can be updated by you with a delivery status. All messages start as Sent by default, and can be updated by your application to the following subsequent statuses.

  • Delivered
  • Read
  • Not Delivered

Appearance in Follow Up Boss

To minimize clutter, Delivered and Read are only displayed on the most recent message of that type. Not Delivered is always displayed on all messages that fail to be delivered.


Read and Not Delivered are immutable statuses - once set to this status the message delivery status can not be changed. If a message is set to Delivered, it can only be further updated to Read.

Error messages

When updating a message to Not Delivered, you can include an additional deliveryStatusErrorMessage which is displayed to the FUB user in a tooltip. This is useful for indicating the specific reason a message could not be delivered - for example if a text message is filtered as spam.