Attachment support is optional.

Attachments are an optional feature and disabled by default. Please let us know at [email protected] if you would like attachment support enabled for your Inbox App.

Inbox Apps have the ability to send and receive attachments. Partners can utilize the Inbox App API to include attachments which are visible in the FUB Inbox and lead timeline.

Supported attachments

Attachment support is currently limited to the following MIME Types. Additional MIME Types may be supported in the future based on customer and partner feedback.

  • image/png
  • image/jpg
  • image/jpeg
  • image/gif
  • application/pdf

Including attachments with a message

To include an attachment with a message you are sending to Follow Up Boss, include the attachments object in your add message request with the filename and fully qualified URL where the attachment can be accessed.


Follow Up Boss will download and re-host images in perpetuity, requiring only a short TTL (we recommend 30 minutes) for the URL provided by you. Conversely, Follow Up Boss will "hotlink" PDF filetypes, directing the user to the URL provided by you.

Receiving attachments from Follow Up Boss

When attachments are enabled for your Inbox App and a user sends an attachment from Follow Up Boss, we will include an attachments object in the inboxAppReply webhook payload. This payload includes the filename, a signed URL with a 20 minute TTL, and a mime type.

See Inbox App Webhooks for more information.