Lead Provider Integration Guide

How to integrate a lead generation system with Follow Up Boss

This guide is for developers who aim to integrate a lead generation system such as an IDX website with Follow Up Boss.

Sending leads to Follow Up Boss

To send a lead into Follow Up Boss use POST /events method. This will ensure that all appropriate automations are triggered in Follow Up Boss, for example the lead is assigned to the right agent and they are notified about it.

Do not use /people endpoint to send new leads into Follow Up Boss, as it won't trigger automations in FUB, can cause duplicates and other adverse effects.

A minimalistic example of sending a lead:

POST https://api.followupboss.com/v1/events
    "source": "MyAwesomeWebsite.com",
    "system": "AwesomeSiteBuilder",
    "type": "General Inquiry",
    "message": "Looking for a house under $500k in the East Boston area",
    "person": {
        "firstName": "John",
        "lastName": "Smith",
        "emails": [{"value": "[email protected]"}],
        "phones": [{"value": "555-555-5555"}]

See a list of all fields available in our API reference.
See code examples on GitHub.

Key events to send to Follow Up Boss

  • Registration
  • Inquiry
  • Saved property
  • Viewed Property
  • Property search

See a list of all events available in the API reference.

Extra information to send

  • Assigned agent ('assignedTo' field)
  • PPC data ('campaign' section)
  • Your system name e.g. "AwesomeSiteBuilder" ('system' field)
  • Link to lead in your system ('sourceUrl' field)

Extra things to check

  • Is API key secure and not exposed in browser
  • Using events not people API
  • Source should be the domain of the website without "www.", e.g. myawesomewebsite.com