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Response 400: No information about a person in the request body

I am writing some lead integration code for one of my clients to push lead registrations from his personal site to his FUB account. I've triple checked my data package I am sending over to /v1/events but I'm still getting a Response Code of 400: No information about a person in the request body. I have logged out my json string and it matches the docs online so I'm beating my head against the wall trying to figure out why it's not going through. Can you verify I'm not going crazy here? This a copy of the json data I am sending via a POST request to https://api.followupboss.com/v1/events: { "source":"MySite.com", "type":"Registration","message":"MySite Contact Request", "person":{ "firstName":"Patrick", "lastName":"Test", "emails":[{"value":"[email protected]"}], "phones":[{"value":"(910) 555-5555"}], "tags":["My Site"] } } This appears to be the correct format according to the docs online. Am I missing something? The person block is obviously in there and formatted to the specs as far as I can tell. Thanks,

Developer testing API

Hello, Looking to see how we can test an API key. There is mention in your documents about getting a developer API key but docs. not totally clear. Please advise.

API post request Error

I'm trying to send a post request to the API to https://api.followupboss.com/v1/events this is the information: array( 'source' => 'http://lasvegashousevalue.dev/', 'type' => 'Registration', 'message' => 'Property Address ,', 'description' => 'Home Condition: , Interest : , Planning To Sell: ', 'person' => array( 'firstName' => 'Test', 'lastName' => 'Api', 'emails' => array( (int) 0 => array( 'value' => '[email protected]' ) ), 'tags' => array( (int) 0 => 'seller', (int) 1 => 'PSL' ) ), 'property' => array( 'street' => '', 'city' => '', 'state' => '', 'code' => '', 'price' => '', 'type' => '', 'bedrooms' => '', 'bathrooms' => '', 'area' => '' ) ) and I'm receiving this response {"errorMessage":"Data validation failed, property record could not be saved."} I would like to know which are the validations for these request or what that the error means. Thanks


Hi I want to set the webhooks for my multiple accounts from one file. Is that possible ?

Is it possible to update a customField for multiple people with one API call?

We have added a new customField to FUB. We have around 40K leads on our CRM and need to add data for this customField to FUB. Is there a batch update API available for the /people resource or we have to do this with individual API calls? Another issue we are facing is some of the updates we made to add this customField using /people/put seem to not be visible on FUB despite getting a 200 ok response. Is there a delay associated with the /put/people call?

/events post and custom fields

How to add custom fields in /events post?

put people/:id does not seem to work

The docs also seem to be incomplete: https://docs.followupboss.com/reference#people-id-put There is no way to specify the id to update to test from the docs page. https://api.followupboss.com/v1/people/799 I'm also assuming that it is possible to update a single item of the person object without needing to send the entire object. Mainly I'd like to add an email address to an existing person. Please let me know what I'm doing incorrect. Thanks.

Import JSON Google Apps Script Metadata Limit

Hello, I am using a slightly modified version of this script: https://gist.github.com/paulgambill/cacd19da95a1421d3164 by paulgambill. The modification is the addition of basic authentication added to the url. I have 2 problems. The first is that while the code and my formula work, they only pull up to 100 pieces of metadata, out of hundreds. The second issue may be related, but I am not sure where to add the x-system keys I was provided when I registered. The url has limit set as such "limit=1000" but will only go up to 100. Any assistance to be able to get all the requests in my list at once would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in Advance

Lead Flow implementation with the API

Hi I am using the /v1/events and Passing the POST data in the api, i want the API to trigger the Lead Flow Rules i have created. Anyone knows how this can be implemented with the API. When sending a POST request there's no option for LeadFlowId but in the response it is returning the leadsFlowId as null. Any help regarding this will be highly appreciated.

Custom Fields on People Endpoint?

It looks like custom fields are not returned by the People endpoint. Is this true?