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How to poll a list of all leads on a given day.

Hello, New to the FollowUpBoss API. I ran a request to get people using the following parameters. createdAfter=2021-09-20T00:00:00Z&createdBefore=2021-09-25T00:00:00Z&limit=10&includeUnclaimed=true However, the number of leads I'm getting returned does not match the number of leads shown in the FollowUpBoss application for each day. What is the reason for this? I read somewhere in the docs that the API key may not have access to certain leads. Could this be the reason. And if so, is there a good way to just a total count for reporting via the API.

Hit Property Address, Property City, and Property State with API

Is it possible to hit a lead's Property Address, Property City, and Property State with the API? I noticed that these fields exist when exporting a lead but it seems when I use the allFields parameter, I don't see them present. Our use case: we are partnering with Raven, a digital "wants and needs" pairing app to help us better able to double-end transactions amongst our team. If I resolve these missing fields by creating Custom Fields, how would I ensure these custom fields are populated? I only need Property City and Property State, -Property Address would be a bonus but not necessary in permitting Raven's matching function.

Get Multiple Pages

Currently, there exists a limitation of 100 rows max. I have successfully called multiple pages into Postman and Power BI in the past with other APIs and I have not been able to replicate these results with the FUB api. Would you please demonstrate how to call multiple pages so I can work with all the data rather than the sample data of 100?

Firewall Ports

Hi, Does anyone know what ports would need to be allowed outbound through a firewall and what are the destination IP Addresses or fqdns? Thanks.

Can't create pipeline with stage via API.

I tried to create pipeline with stages via API as described in documentation. I see that pipeline was created, but stage was not. Also, i see error in response: {"errorMessage"=>"name is a required field for each stage object"} Actually when i trying update pipeline to add stage i also see the same Data: { "name"=>"Test", "description"=>"A pipeline for test", "orderWeight"=>3000, "stages"=> [ { "name"=>"Listed", "color"=>"#ffad81", "description"=>"", "orderWeight"=>1000 } ] } What wrong with this hash? Why it's not working? P.S. Also API documentation say that Pipeline PUT request should be by this url: https://api.followupboss.com/v1/pipelines But works only: https://api.followupboss.com/v1/pipelines/1

When a tag is added update a custom field in the contact

Hello, I am trying to add a time stamp to a custom field whenever a specific tag is added in Follow Up Boss. I'm just starting to figure this out and I believe I need to use webhooks, however in the docs it states I need an X-System. I registered a new one in the Identification section as I already had one registered that I use for importjson into spreadsheets. The problem is that the system nor the key seems to work in the field, and I keep getting an error telling me to register an X-System. Any help with this would be much appreciated, I am using Postman to help with testing also. Thanks in advance!

Run Lead Flow for existing people

Is it possible to run Lead Flow for existing peoples? I would like to create people through /people api, I know it's not recommended, but I need just to create contact firstly without any automation. Later when this people send inquiry from my site I want to send to FUB Property Inquiry with this people and want that this inquiry run Lead Flow. But lead flow not running when I send this (inquiry created for this people, but not create new row in Lead Flow tab). So I have a question: it's possible to create people through /people endpoint and then send Property Inquiry through /events with id of this people and run Lead Flow? Thanks!

Is it possible to skip webhook triggering on API request?

For example when i make POST /deals. FUB returning deal with webhook also. I prefer not to receive dealsCreated webhook when i create deal by API call. Is it possible to handle it somehow?

Possible to change CALL API Fields for IMPORTJSON?

I would like to change the designated fields that are imported into my IMPORTJSON from the CALL API endpoint but cannot figure out how. I need to include assignedTo in addition to other fields already present. I was able to define the fields in a PEOPLE endpoint JSONIMPORT without an issue. Thanks!

How to get "assigned to" records for people?

Hi, we are doing an internal audit of agents re-assignment and responding speed. However there is no API end point to get the "Assigned to XXXX by YYYY" history. Can someone help? Thanks! Reed